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New York State Sales Tax Certificate of Authority

(Form DTF-17)

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has changed its procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Authority (COA). This information is intended to provide basic information and guidance on how to apply. It is not meant to be the official reference for the agency. For official policy and procedures click here for the NYState Department of Finance's website.


Register and Create an account at ID SELF REGISTRATION


After you have set up your account, click on this link and sign in with your newly created usename and password


You will then be directed to a page where you should click on: APPLY NOW FOR A NEW LICENSE OR PERMIT



Continue to next page with the drop down list and check box for "Application for Sales Tax Certificate of Authority" under the category of Dept. of Tax and Finance. Then click "continue application."



Enter the required (marked with a *) items on the form. Non-starred items are not required and may be left blank. Then continue on following the online instructions.


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